Boost your social media presence: Tips from successful personal trainer Alessandro Cassano 

Everything Alessandro has learned leads his clients to choose him year after year to make their journey that will transform them physically and mentally.

Alessandro Cassano 

To stand out in any field today is not possible without having a presence in the great showcases that are social networks and the web. All the big names in their sector have cultivated a strong presence in social networks and have websites where their potential customers are satiated with information. This is so, otherwise, you can be very good, but if you do not have the visibility you do not reach anyone.

The successful personal trainer Alessandro Cassano knows this very well, he applies with great efficiency the creation of his community in networks and maintains a very well-optimized web for his clients. He believes that this is the best way to promote his services as a personal trainer.

But before getting to where he is today, he has traveled a long road where, in addition to knowing how to promote himself on networks, he has worked very hard. He has not always had a strong presence in the media, because when he took his first steps in 2008, he was focused on continuing to learn and work at the same time. That consumed him all day long.

Once he was able to have a large customer base he had to make an increase in his team. It was impossible to attend to more than 30 people every day on his own, so word of mouth was very important at that time. As Cassano continued to grow, he continued to learn new things and gain great recognition.

The good use of networks

Once he had grown locally enough, he saw that it was time to impact a wider audience. Becoming more widely known as a personal trainer, that’s when he strengthened his social media presence and created his website. Having a clear objective he started to attract more and more people interested in fitness.

Every day he uploads interesting content to his networks, giving special attention to Instagram where we can find it as @alexcassanocoach. He knows that only by offering valuable content to his followers can he build something very important, his personal brand. With it, the impact and reach of his message will reach more and more interested people.

For Cassano, that’s putting social networks to good use, he sees no better way. To grow his brand and have his voice reach all those interested in training their body and mind. It’s a journey that not just anyone can take, but that with your company they can achieve.

Alessandro is not only a physical trainer, thanks to his diploma in NLP he can be a great mental and life trainer. It’s a plus that not just anyone can offer. Helping this to make a difference. Good use of networks and differentiation in the industry has led him to success. Without losing sight of the innovation he has been implementing in his field.

Not everything is good publicity, the other side of success

You can’t stand out in an industry as competitive as fitness with just advertising. Before that there must be work, work that endorses what you are advertising, showing results and passion for what you are doing is fundamental to success.

Behind the personal and life coach that we see in Alessandro today, there is a lot of work, sacrifice, and dedication. He has always provided quality work to his clients, for which he has never stopped learning. Proof of this is that today he can offer intensive mental training before starting physical training.

His diploma in NLP has allowed him to develop his TRIVO method (Intensive and definitive training of the objective). It is something that adds quality to his already great work. These are sessions dedicated to identifying the objective to be achieved, materializing a total connection with the client.

The final objective is that the goal set is achieved in the shortest time possible and in a more functional way. Through the techniques of neurolinguistic programming, greater motivation and perseverance are achieved.

Everything Alessandro has learned leads his clients to choose him year after year to make their journey that will transform them physically and mentally. Cassano will continue to touch and change lives with a method and the new projects he is already working on. 

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