Alessandro Cassano’s Successful Tips: Bring Your Clients to Achieve Quality Psychophysical Goals

An innovative personal trainer, who cares about the physical and mental results of his clients. This is a relationship that cannot be broken, and it is something that Alessandro knows, and he has dedicated himself to being able to meet the needs of his clients and lead them to success.

But his journey to becoming the recognized personal trainer he is today was not easy. He started training at a very young age, as he always knew that his goal in life was to be a recognized trainer. With that in mind, he started to look for clients and to improve his knowledge in the field of fitness.

That is what made him stand out in this industry, the continuous improvement to give the best to each client earned him a place in the heart of each person he trained. He was accumulating good results and his name started to be known, soon he was not only known in his city but the whole country.

Today he is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and holds several prestigious diplomas. The most outstanding is the one received by FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) and one in Functional Training for Women. All this is supported by his work with great exponents of the national sport, football stars, rugby, and other world-class sports.

The mind is a fundamental part of achieving results

Something that has always distinguished Alessandro from other personal trainers is his constant learning. He is always on the lookout for new methods to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time. Until he saw something that was very constant in the failures of his clients and other personalities, he realized that the mind played a fundamental role in physical effort.

For this reason, he dedicated himself to studying NLP, neuro-linguistic programming is of great help in achieving goal setting. His efforts have always been aimed at satisfying and making his clients satisfied with their bodies and now with their minds. His approach to personalized training is very important and gives each student what they need to grow.

That effort to improve every day put him as a reference in the industry, coming to appear in various media. We can highlight the requests for interviews for magazines such as Tgcom, Corriere Economia, Just Fashion Magazine, Ansa, among others. Today he is recognized throughout the country as one of the best life coaches, personal trainers, and NLP trainers.

Precisely because of his training in neuro-linguistic programming, he has had the vision to create what is considered a revolutionary method in fitness; the TRIVO method.

TRIVO: a revolutionary training method

The mental part is vital in all aspects of our life, to achieve professional, personal, and of course physical goals. But it is something that has not been worked on in the way that Alessandro Cassano is implementing today.

With TRIVO (Intensive and Definitive Objective Training) he wants to take his clients to another level. The aim is to achieve a connection between the coachee and the trainer so that both set the specific objective required.

To mentally process the objectives, people need 6 sessions, where their motivation and perseverance increases. Also, they are given tools so that the objective set is reached in less time in the best conditions.

Alessandro Cassano is sure that this method is what each person needs to improve performance. He has already been implementing it and the results are the best he has seen in years. Through this technique, the trainer can see the person’s true potential and it is the only way to take him to his highest level.

Another aspect that stands out from the TRIVO method is the ability to achieve high-quality results. It bases quality on psycho-physical balance, the relationship between coach and client by building trust, which creates a unique partnership and makes sharing the path wonderful for both.

The desire to see his clients satisfied is what continues to motivate Alessandro Cassano. He soon wants to take his method across the country, changing and continuing to change lives.RELATED TOPICS:



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